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Before You Take A Raccoon Home

Of course, a raccoon is a very cute creature. But after taking a raccoon home, you may be surprised.

Before you take the raccoon home, you must understand some things.

Take Raccoon Home

  1. A raccoon’s still a wild animal. You must be prepared for bites and scratches on your hands and feet. Usually, the nature of raccoons is changing for the worse during puberty period.
  2. A raccoon can mark its territory. And not every raccoon will use the litter tray. You’ll have to clean up after it. Be ready to find “surprises” in the most unexpected places.
  3. Are you ready to wake up several times a night? A raccoon is a nocturnal animal. It is active at night. At this time a raccoon gets food. Although sometimes a raccoon adapts to the human schedule.
  4. There is no guarantee that a raccoon will be a pet. It requires a lot of attention. However, you may not be able to domesticate a raccoon. It’s all depends on your efforts and its character. It’s better to take a raccoon home at the age of 1.5 months.
  5. Your house will be destroyed. Try to allocate a separate room for a raccoon or build an aviary. Make its space as safe as possible. A raccoon loves to crunch wires, so try to remove all electrical appliances.
  6. A raccoon will constantly demand your attention. Are you ready to sacrifice your free time?
  7. Children up to 5-7 years. Nevertheless, a raccoon is a predator and can cause harm to a young child. Be careful.
  8. Allergies to animal dander. Make sure you are not allergic to animals (especially to dogs and cats).
  9. Other animals. Raccoons get along with dogs and cats. But each of them should have their own area. It is better not to have birds and small rodents. Sooner or later, a raccoon will catch them. Also, raccoons love houseplants. Remember it.

Taking a raccoon home is a very important decision. Think about it. You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.

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