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How To Choose A Baby Raccoon

So you are going to choose a baby raccoon on an animal farm. You’ll be offered only one baby. Perhaps you’ll be able to choose from 2-3 raccoons. But don’t be surprised. Because it’s dangerous to give a baby back to its mother. It may cause harm to a baby raccoon. Also, you can’t come close to a cage with kids and moms, because you can bring an infection. A good owner won’t take that risk.

Baby Raccoon

How to choose a baby raccoon?

Here’re some tips.

  1. Look at the babies. They must be clean with neat fur and look healthy. First of all pay attention to their eyes. Their sight shouldn’t be cloudy.
  2. Pass your hand around a cage. If the babies huddled in the corner, it means that they don’t get enough human attention. Raccoons hissed and tried to bite you. So, it will be quite difficult to deal with such character.

Typically, a raccoon has to reach for an outstretched hand. It should be curious, but calm. Also, a raccoon can show its teeth and try to slightly bite you. It’s ok. It just checks: maybe you give it something tasty. Such baby raccoon quickly goes to the contact with a person.

Also, it’s possible that a raccoon will reach its paws to a person. So if you saw such a raccoon, you can take it without any hesitation. You’re lucky. As a result, you’ll have fewer problems with such a raccoon. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is extremely rare.

Also, you should remember that every raccoon has its own character. And you have to live with it. So choose your raccoon with great care. Rely on the opinion of raccoons’ owner. He is better yo know which baby raccoon are strong enough to go in a new family.

Good luck to you! I hope you will find your perfect baby raccoon. 

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